• Anonyme

    Love you

    Penetrated into the heart and soul
       Love you
    I will not give you the world, no matter what
    Every breath that my body breathes every beat my heart beats
    Want you, call the name of
    In love
    I never knew the meaning of the word, "fall in love"
    Except when I had to live my life with her
    Never been opened heart rates
    But one touch, gentle and soft, a

    When she laughs
    It seems the world just stopped
    Give peace
    Looking and can not find words to say
    Like living in a fairy tale
    Every moment of your side
    He's like a never ending dream

  • - Mameilleur Amie jet"aime fort.. Tu me manque , Lamienne :p <3<3

  • Anonyme

    joyeux znniversaire désoler du retard d'une journée :)

  • 3/12/12 , J"oublirait jamais cette D"ate , Tm"tc <3

  • Anonyme

    Kimberley <3